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Editors return in June 2007 with their second albumAn End Has A Start, on Kitchenware Records. Following on from the phenomenalsuccess of debut platinum album The Back Room the new recordings see the banddeliver on the promise so many identified on that record.

Recorded in Ireland at Grouse Lodge with Garret Leeand mixed at Olympic Studios by Cenzo Townshend, the album sees the team behindthe re-recorded version of Bullets set to work on an entire collection ofEditors work with stunning results.

To seasoned Editors watchers, a handful of tracks onthe album will already be familiar. The heart stopping Weight Of The World andBones were both regulars in the band's set from the summer of 2006 and theirrecorded versions are as sure as their live relations.

Whilst The Back Room seethed with claustrophobicmenace and icy grandeur, An End Has A Start sees Tom Smith more focused on thepower of redemption and the human necessity for friendship and family in theface of death.

The album's lyrics are closely linked to events overthe last year or so as Tom explains: "There is a lot of death on therecord, that sounds pretty morbid but it's the truth. Death has touched me andmy friends in the last year in several ways. Realising everything comes to anend is important and I think we've done our best to make it something gloriousand uplifting as well as scary".

However, Tom is keen to stress that not all is darkin Editors world. Alongside the inevitable, the record also reflects the hectictouring of the last two years that saw Editors play everywhere from Istanbul toOsaka: "Living in an over-populated but exciting world, the buzz of thecity, electricity, neon, lights, skyscrapers, planes, billions of people allrun through the lyrics of songs on the record".

Amongst analbum that reinforces the visceral power of Editors music, the album closes onthe simple piano and guitar of Well Worn Hand. Recorded in one take with Tomand Chris playing live in the studio, the track emphasises Editors desire tostretch themselves on this album. Such willingness to experiment saw them ropein friends alongside band members to create the choir that is heard at theclose of Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors, the single that will precede thealbum on June 18th.

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