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Ska-p was formed as band in 1994, at that time the lineup were:
Pulpul, lead voice and lead guitar.
Toni Escobar, guitar and chorus
Julio, bass
Kogote, keyboard and chorus
Pako, drums
After a few months of rehearsal SKA-P recorded their first cd called ska-p where they laid down their lyrical and the musical style. They played in many places all throughout Spain (Galicia, Almeria, Madrid, etc.) just for a few books and occasionally just for the expenses. Because they weren't’t popular at that time so they audience were small.
It happened that a song became hit, it was a song in support to the local football team El Rayo Vallecano, the team of the neighbor of Vallecas, where some members of the band live and hang out. This song will became a him for may and little by little they speeded the song throught other spots in the city and ultimately everybody knew that there was a band called ska-p with great lyrics that talks against bull faith, against political corruption, and promote anti racist claims. The band scaled a steep further by opening the concerts for Platero y Tu and Extremoduro, (two of the biggest bands at the moment). But a few things more had to happen before the band take off definitively.
This year, Toni Escobar, the lead guitar quit the band. In some cases it is hard to keep up with the day time job, the rehearsals, the family, and all the expenses that originate playing in a band that still does not generate money to help take care of your family.
After auditing several guitar players, the band decide to keep Joxemy from Larraga (Navarra). Perhaps he was the worst guitar player of all the candidates but it was not technical skills what they were looking for, but some one who will grasp the vibe of the band and make it of his own. At the same time Pipi became an official member of the band. Until then, Pipi appeared occasionally in the stage disguised in some themes and helped the band to load and unload the gear. From now on he will have to set up some routines more elaborated, something not to hard for him since he was always fun.
The band gave a concert at the same time the release of the second record. This puts them in a position of privilege in the musical scene of Spain, it happened at the 9th Vallecas Rock. From there on the people began to talk of Ska-p as a band that makes a great spectacle alive, with great songs and a guy that shows up in stage disguised and will not make anybody felt indifferent.
In this period of time the band goes on tour around the country, playing in festivals and big musical events. Also they responded to a call from the other side of the Pyrenees to participate in a festival and make a tour thought the south west of France. To their astonishment in all their concets attended a multitude of french singing all their songs.
They also recorded the third CD “Eurosis”, once released they hit the road without barely a break. They tour again through Spain and France, and for the first time they tour as support band for Attaque 77,in a memorable concert in the stadium Obras facing 4000 people. From Argentina they went to Mexico where they harvested a great success and got call to return the fallowing year.
Pako, the drummer and member founder of ska-p left the band and Luismi became the new drummer. Luismi was an old buddy of the band so he integrates in the band without any problem, sun afterwards they started to play alive. They got an invtation from Italy to play in a festival (Arezzo Wave), there they played in from of 10.000 people who chanted all their sound.
This year Ska-p released a new cd “Planeta Eskoria”. In this release the band toughen their sound and the show gets more serious without losing the humor, irony and the rivindicative character of the band. Now their tours includes France, Italy, Swiss, and Spain.
In 2002 the band release the 5th albums “Que Corra la Voz”, this is perhaps the record more complete of the band. The member considered this release as the one that best represent the character of the band. This release includes everything, hard beat, lots of humor, irony and well worked lyrics.
By now the countries that knows about ska-p are increased. The European tour now includes also Hungary, Austria, Holland and Belgium. The band also returns to Latin America to tour Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. For this tour the band added horns to the lineup, they chose two dunkers from Bilbao that blows either way, inside out and outside in. They are Gari on trombon and Txikitin on trumpet. With out doubt a great choice because they fit seamlessly in the band.
A new record is released called INCONTROLABLE. This release includes sixteen song recorded alive in concerts thorough Europe and a DVD with thirteen songs recorded in Nion (Suiss) and Paris (France). The DVD also includes Video clips and images of the band in their last tour. Greetings.
An awful year.
A year in which we have decided to stop. will it be forever?, we just don't know, but we need to pause.
Unfortunately, the music we've already written won't be released (yet), in order for us to rest, spend time with family and friends, and work on some solo projects you'll soon be able to listen to.
Nobody in Ska-p has said that we will not return to the scenes in one, two, or six years, maybe that's what will happen. Only time will tell.
All the best.
On February Ska-p wanted to re-start. On October, with the album LÁGRIMAS Y GOZOS, they are officially come back. On Dicember they will be on tour.

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